Redesign of SMS sending service

Zazu Media is a company that provides effective mobile marketing by sending SMS, Viber and WhatsApp at the best prices.

Make redesign of SMS sending service.

Mockups and guidelines for new interface for Zazu Media.

UI/UX: Pavel Kuligin

Brand new interface for sending SMS.

Service from Zazu has one goal — to make sending SMS easy, so the interface should be simple and intuitive for different audiences. A clear navigation and interactive dashboard — the main differences from the old version.

Redesign background

The team asked me to make a new vision of the product: improve the user expirience and interface. They told me about some of the problems that were highlighted by their customers:

  1. the start page didn't enough information during the dayly use of the service;
  2. lack of useful tool for measuring effectiveness of sendings;
  3. complex and unclear interface for creation SMS and Viber sendings.

Desing of interface

The basic idea of the interface is simple and well-known: a modern app with side navigation and large icons, a useful dashboard and a minimum number of clicks to complete the basic tasks of users.

New Dashboard

In the old version of the service interface was filled with information that is useful only when you first log into the system. Now the dashboard contains only actual statistics on sendings in numbers and charts.

Reimagined section of sendings

Sendings were completely redone. The main improvement is a combination information about sendings in one section instead two in old version. Also system learned to count price of sending, add customer bases and reschedule the start of sending.


I created the set of illustrations to make onboarding process simple and attractive. Illustrations tell users how service works and what you should do to run first sending.

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